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Nanny McBee

Hi everyone, my name is Gemma and Nanny McBee is my nanny name!

I love working with children and feel very privileged when a family asks me to look after their little ones. I am happy to do ad-hoc nannying or full time care for one particular family.

Please call and we can chat so I can help ease your nannying worries.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting you soon x


5 Stars
Gemma was the first person to babysit my daughter properly, and remains the only person to have babysat overnight.
Gemma is fantastic in every sense of the word, she makes everything so much fun that my 2 year old doesn’t even realise she’s learning new skills most of the time.
Say goodbye to the boring babysitters/nannies that put your child in front of the TV, and instead get excited to know your child will be painting, baking, crafting and getting out and about in the big wide world.
I personally could not recommend her highly enough.

– Jayne Clowes

5 Stars
Gemma is reliable,fun,loving and a hard working nanny . Gemma has literally seen my now 9 , 11 and 13 year old daughters grow up.
Gemma has a good understanding of the needs and abilities of children and is warm, nurturing and responsive.
Gemma is professional, thoughtful, organised and has expert approach to the care of children.
Gemma is a gifted nanny and person.
She is loving , kind ,warm and energetic. She is able to fit in to the intimate family environment with integrity and professionalism.
We treasure Gemma and deeply value her contribution to our family. And the most important thing is our children adore her.

– Julie Porter

5 Stars

Gemma has a natural ability to put children at ease, all of my children instantly warmed to her. Her kind nature and caring approach is enough to make any parent relax knowing that their child is left in confident hands. I was really impressed how she captured my 4 year old in practicing his phonics without him realising he was learning through all the fun he was having. All in all, Gemma is a caring and capable professional nanny who can turn her hand from a youngest and oldest child alike.

Beth Harper

5 Stars
Gemma is an amazing, caring, fun person who both Zach & Flo adore. She looked after Zach for the first 2 years of nursery & made the transition for him (& me) easy & worry free I can’t thank her enough for that. I’m fortunate enough to have family close by but when they aren’t about I would always choose Gemma to look after the children.

– Emily Eastwood

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